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All your favourite things in one place

Wave goodbye to bookmarks, endless tabs and random lists. There's now a better way.

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How it works

Basket is a mobile app and browser extension that lets you save products from any online retailer. We'll keep checking prices and let you know when there's a price drop on the things you've got your eye on.

Just tap share

Saving products to Basket is a breeze. Simply hit the share button wherever you are and choose Basket as the app to share to.

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Add anything

Basket supports over 100,000 online retailers. If your favourite boutique isn't fully supported yet, we'll get it added for you within hours. Magic!

Add anything to Basket


Products added to Basket will be added to your Quick Saves by default. If you want to stay organized you can create new Baskets and move products around.

Organise items in Basket

Share your Basket

Some Baskets are better shared. Joint projects, gifting and inspiration, you name it.

Price drops

Price drops

We check the prices of everything you've saved to Basket multiple times a day, when the price drops we'll let you know. Simple.


Anything you want,
in one Basket.