How to create a collab basket

Basket Squad
May 10, 2024

How to create a collab basket.

The collab basket feature enables you to create and edit baskets with your friends, family, or colleagues. It’s perfect when you want to plan a project or event with others in real time like joint birthday gifts, wedding wishlists, DIY projects, baby showers, holidays and so much more.

Here we’ll tell you the simple steps needed to get you all set up with your first collab basket.

Creating a collab basket

1. Head to the Basket tab in the app and hit the purple plus sign in the top right. Then toggle the 'Make collab' button on.

2. Tap the purple collab button to open the Manage basket screen.

3. Tap 'Invite new people' to start choosing friends and family you want to collab with.

4. Now everyone who joins can add and edit items in the basket.

Top tips

1. Make sure your collab basket notifications are turned on in the app so you get updated when any changes are made.

2. Use the notes feature on the item screen to leave messages or reminders for people in your collab basket. It’s great for defining a colour or size, or even to let everyone know who’s going to buy it.

3. You can mark any items as purchased and everyone in the collab basket can be notified.

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