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Basket Squad
April 17, 2024

A savvy way to shop

Welcome to a whole new era of stress-free, savvy shopping, where chaos and clutter are replaced by calm and composure. Meet Basket, the ultimate shopping wish list app and browser extension that combines price tracking and price drop alerts to deliver a better way to shop.

We understand the pain and frustration of going round and round the web manually finding and comparing products and prices from all your favourite shops. More often than not we end up forgetting where the best price was or we can't find it anymore in an overwhelming number of tabs, bookmarks, random lists, and screenshots.

We think shopping should be a pleasurable experience from the moment you start searching, not only once you've got your hands on your product. And more importantly, we don't want you to pay more than you have to for the things you love. Basket is revolutionising the way we think about online shopping, simplifying the whole experience and helping you save time and money.


Wish lists of course are nothing new. In fact, let’s call a wish list what it really is, a list! And lists have been around a hell of a lot longer than that - Think the Ten Commandments, the Doomsday Book or the de facto list of all time - Santa’s naughty and nice list. On a psychological level, lists help us organise our thoughts, our priorities, our goals and dreams. And on a practical level they ensure we don’t wander aimlessly around Lidl for an hour and leave without the milk.

But what use is a list if you don’t do anything with it? It would be like preparing a delicious meal (at Basket HQ we’re keen on any dish best served in baskets like chicken tenders or shrimp, yum) and then letting it go cold and rotten. And that’s why Basket exists. We wanted to eliminate those memory-sapping screenshots that you can’t find when you need them and don’t recognise when you stumble upon them months later.

Let’s stop the screenshot silliness and start shopping savvy. Saving the things you love to Basket means you can forget about all those open tabs, bookmarks and screenshots and embrace a simple solution that helps you see your shopping with more clarity and none of the clutter. But what about making sure you do something with your lists? Well funnily enough we have that covered too…

Price drop notifications

When you save an item to Basket from any retailer it not only creates an easily-accessible reference point for review later, we automatically start tracking the price of that item and whenever it drops we’ll send you a notification to let you know it’s a good time to buy.

It’s the ultimate ‘we do the hard work, so you don’t have to’ cliche but that feeling of getting something for less is what we live for. Of course, sometimes we just need ‘that thing’ asap but there are so many shiny, pretty things out there we like to keep half an eye on and Basket can be that half an eye for you.

The additional benefit of this is that Basket can help you stop shopping on impulse and start shopping with insight. Do you really want those Air Max in purple or wait for the blue ones to come back in stock or drop in price?

Using Basket as a buffer can help protect you from the crafty conversion tactics retailers can use to make you part with your cash and becomes a kind of budgeting tool particularly as every basket you create displays a total of all your items. This feature not only saves you money but also transforms your shopping habits, allowing for more informed and insightful purchases.

Basket browser extension

Prefer shopping on laptop? Now you can take your online shopping to the next level with Basket's shopping browser extension. Seamlessly integrated with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera, it lets you to add items to Basket with a single click eliminating the hassle of switching between tabs and losing track of must-have items.

Level Up Your Shopping Game

Make every shopping experience a delight with Basket; curate the things you want into different baskets, share with your friends and family, and check out when it suits you. Stop missing out on opportunities for a bargain and reject the endless cycle of tab-hopping and screenshot sadness.

Embrace the future with Basket and take your shopping game to a whole new level.

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